Basketball Fundamentals

Triple Threat

A lot of people don’t really mention triple threat when they are talking about basketball fundamentals. In actuality, it is a “fundamental of fundamentals.” I say this because triple threat means that you’re in a position to do one of three things: shoot, dribble, or pass. These are three of the offensive fundamentals of basketball, so being in triple threat is a fundamental to help you perform the other fundamentals.


The Triple Threat Stance You should be facing the basket, eyes on the rim so you can see the whole floor.


Defensive Stance The defensive stance is also an important basketball fundamental (for lack of a better term). It is very similar to the triple threat stance on offence.


Shooting Shooting fundamentals of basketball are usually those most focused on. They should be a large part of your training, but if you want to be a great player, then don’t concentrate all of your efforts on this.

B.E.E.F. BEEF is the acronym often used to describe the four basic fundamentals of basketball: Balance, Eyes, Elbow, Follow-Through


Dribbling Dribbling is also one of the extremely important basketball fundamentals. If you can shoot, but can’t dribble, then opponents are just going to crowd you so you can’t shoot and have to give up the ball or turn it over.

 Passing Passing is another great fundamental of basketball that makes you much harder to guard when you are good at it.

 Rebounding Rebounding can be somewhat of an “equalizer” for those that may not be great at the other aspects. It’s more about desire than anything.