First, the athlete should maintain a healthy diet every day, not just on game day, for overall well- being.

Food Choices:

Pancakes French toast Bagels Orange juice Apples Bananas Grapes Lean Meats

Avoid dairy products high in fat. Low fat yogurt should be fine.

Adequate fluid intake is important before and during the game to avoid dehydration… but again, too much is not good medicine. In addition to water, sport drinks or fruit juices are good choices.

If your practices or games are late in the afternoon, right after school, make sure you eat breakfast and lunch that day. Some fruit like bananas or oranges one hour before the practice or game would be a good booster.


Sample Menu:


It is extremely important to be well hydrated, especially during the summer heat. Your performance on the court can decrease dramatically when your body is low on water. You should aim to drink water all day long, don’t


Nutritional Tips