Shooting Drills

Key points on Shooting

 Eyes on target

 Don’t bring basketball down

 Shoulders knees elbows aligned correctly

 Feet slightly staggered

 Face up to basket

 Follow through


One-Handed Shooting Drill/Form Shooting Stand on the side of the basket that’s the same as your strong hand (if you shoot with your right hand, stand on the right side of the basket, left-handed then the left side) at the lower block.

Face the basket as you are going to bank a jump-shot off of the backboard

Using your shooting hand, and only your shooting hand, try to shoot and bank the ball off of the backboard to make the basket

Do not use your guide/off hand even to bring the ball up to the shooting position, only your shooting hand for this drill

Make 10 shots like this, and then go shoot around like normal again

If you feel you pushing the ball or not following through, then go back in close to the basket and make an additional 5-10 one-handed shots before continuing to shoot around

Make sure to not go too far out from the basket when doing the one-handed shot drill as one of your basketball shooting drills. The purpose is to help your form without thinking about it. When you’re in close, you are forced to use proper form with your shooting hand, but can lose that if you move too far away from the basket.


Mikan Drill

The second of the form building basketball shooting drills is the Mikan Drill.

Stand under the basket with a ball in each hand. Lay the ball in your right hand up off the back board while jumping off of one foot. As the ball is going through the net pass the ball that was in your left hand to the right hand so that your left hand is free to grab the ball coming out of the net. With the ball that you have just caught out of the net with your left hand lay up off the backboard on the left side while jumping off of one foot. Switch the ball that is in your right hand to your left and grab the ball out of the net with your right hand and repeat the action. Reverse Mikan Drill is the same thing accept you start with your back facing the backboard and do a reverse lay-up each time.


Quick fire Shots

Moving around the court (try to use a line) have a partner pass the ball to you and go into your shot straight away. Have your feet staggered and shoulder width apart. Receive the pass and immediately go into the shot. If you do not have a partner use the toss back spin pass so you can simulates a pass to yourself


Dribble to Shot

Begin at the top of the key. Take two dribbles at a forty-five degree angle to your right; make sure you plant on your inside foot when setting up to shoot. Shoot the ball. Do this ten times on each side. Take thirty second breaks between sets. Do three sets to start and the more comfortable you get with the drill (and the better shape you get into), increase the amount of sets.

Though the drill may seem overly simple, doing the mechanics correctly at a high speed takes time. It is important not to get sloppy with either your footwork or your dribbling in this drill. It is imperative that your dribbles to do not take you horizontally across the floor; always make sure that your dribbles take you towards the basket, even if in a diagonal fashion.