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I only got involved with coaching nearly 18 months ago when asked by the club if I wanted to help out as the current coaching team was leaving, prior to this I was only a keen watching parent taking my son Harley to training. Harley picked up his love for basketball through myself as I have always been a fan of all American sports since the age of around 10, especially of the 90s Chicago Bulls as most kids who enjoyed the sport at the time and also I was a huge Allen Iverson fan.
I have enjoyed the coaching massively since starting although we have lost a lot of time in the last year due to the pandemic, It has been not only great helping the children learn new skills but learning more myself about coaching and the general enjoyment of giving back to the community while being able to spend quality time with Harley at the same time.
coaching the U10s age group is hugely rewarding because of how much of an improvement you see with the kids, the majority start with us as a beginner with a limited skill set and over the weeks/months you see the progression especially as their confidence grows.
It can be tricky with myself and the other coaches (Sam & Rob) in planning sessions as we often have a wide range of skill sets/levels due to the ages as they range from 8 -10 so some will be at a completely different level to the new starters as the older ones will be getting closer to join the next age group.
Last year we had our first U10s friendly tournament and it really was a joy to see the excitement of them competing against another club other than against each other in training, we took around 18 children along with us in which they all got shared playing time. A fantastic experience that makes it all worth the effort!

Under 12 Team ManagerTIM SANDBERG

Team Manager for the Maidstone Warriors under 10s


Under 10 CoachSAM FAIRS

Sam coaches the under 10s, he is a level 2 basketball England qualified coach and a qualified referee

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Under 12's
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Maidstone Warriors
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